“Hat” Not Thought About That

I’ve never been much of a hat wearer, but I don’t hesitate to grab a hat when I go to the beach.  I’m heading down to the beach soon so I’m in the market for a new beach hat so that I can look cute as I relax (under my beach umbrella) and read some books.

The criteria for finding the perfect beach hat is pretty simple for me:  must be cute.  Yeah, that about covers it.  That is until I read a few articles about how much wide-brimmed hats help protect skin from harmful sun rays.  (In addition so skin cancer, the sun’s rays can also cause premature aging of the skin, eye damage, and some other serious health issues.)

I had to up the ante a little bit after doing some research.  Of course, I turned to the internet for help.  A google search lead me to several different websites.  As I browsed the web for  suggestions of factors to consider when searching for a sun hat, I found the following characteristics to be the most important:  brim size, brim shape,  color, material.

Keeping these four characteristics in mind, I set out to shop (via internet, of course) for the perfect summer hat.  Tell me which one you like best.

Option 1

Summer straw hat

Summer Straw Hat by J. Crew

Option 2

Printed Band Diva by Kangol

Option 3

Degrade Ribbon Sun Hat by Nordstrom

Option 4

Seychelles Sun Hat

Seychelles Sun Hat by Coolibar

So, help me out.  Comment with your favorite option.  I’m in love with them all!


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  1. I like option #2. But, I’d be a little scared to order a hat online – I would want to try them on. However, I’m not a “hat person” – so that may be why. I have a few hats, but I definitely have to try them to make sure they look good on me. Some people are just made for hats, so no matter what hat they put on, it looks great (like some mothers in the church).

    Also, why I like option 2 – I think the way the brim falls tends to be flattering on a lot of people. Again, I’m no hat person, so this might be a shot in the dark for me lol!


    • First, let me say that I really appreciate you reading my blog! Secondly, I’m not a hat person, either. My best friend is a doctor and she demands that I wear a hat when I’m at the beach! I don’t think that I look good in hats, but since it’s the beach, I figure I can get away with it. My self-esteem rises greatly when I’m there. People just seem to let it all hang out when they are at the beach! LOL

  2. I like Option #1 & #4. Seems they would or could really add to an outfit. I need to find one. We are headed to the beach next weekend!! Let me know which you choose and how you like it!

    • I bet your baby is going to love the beach! Or hate it! LOL I had one child to love the beach when he was a baby and the other one hated it! Have fun! I’ll post pics when I select a hat!

  3. I like option #2. I think it not only cover everything that you were looking for in a hat, but it is also very cute. It also has a variety of colors, making it easy to match up. By the way, I enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Thank you so much. I like option 2, too! I was thinking about the same thing: being able to wear it with multiple outfits/swimsuits.

      Thank you so much for your support of my blog! I have so much fun writing them. Keep reading!

  4. Barbara glover

    I love option number #3

  5. Option #2, love it!!! I don’t due a lot of sun due to health issues that I have. So I have to wear a hat if im gonna be exposed for a prolonged period, and my choices have always been the floppy hat, not only is it stylish but it also covers!!

  6. You are most welcome! Like Nikki, I enjoy reading your blog!! I look forward to seeing which hat you chose!

  7. I’m going with Option 3 or 4… Love the color of 4, but like the look of 3. Ha! I’m sure either one you pick will be fabulous!!!

  8. I love option 2 or 3.



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