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Final Friday, Back to School Edition

I know what you’re thinking.  No, it’s not the final Friday of the month (when I normally do my Final Friday post).  Today is the final Friday of my precious summer vacation.  Such a bittersweet day, it is. I guess it’s true what they say.  All good things do come to an end, huh? 


I loathe the fact that I can no longer sleep until I decide it’s time to get up.  I now have to obey my alarm clock.  I now have to live my life strictly according to my Cozi calendar so as not to miss any important meetings, deadlines, events or the like.  I now have to check backpacks every evening to make certain that the “I don’t have any homework” declarations are indeed true.  I have to prepare lunches each night before going to bed.  I have to make wardrobe choices at night to avoid any potential last-minute morning mishaps that threaten my chances of getting everyone to their designated locations at just the right time.  I have to make arrangements to get this kid to practice and pick this one up.  Order this one’s costumes, pick up a poster for this project, send in money for this field trip, buy a t-shirt for this and that, and I’m sure that I’ve left out something. 

So, how will I spend my final Friday?  Shopping? Hanging with friends? Relaxing on the couch? Nope.  None of the above.  I’m spending my final Friday of summer…(drum roll please)…working in my classroom! 

Enjoy your Friday! 


Goodbye July

Look at me, rhyming and such with the title of today’s post.  I’m trying to make myself smile in the midst of watching my summer slowly slip away from me.  In just a few short weeks, I’ll be back at work with a “to do” list a mile long.  Actually, I have a mile-long “to do” list now, but I’ve just chosen to forget about it until next week.

As much as I want to complain about summer being almost gone, I will take the high road and be thankful for what July has given me.  I was able to spend time with my family, see friends I haven’t seen in years, spend a day with my very first college roommate and her family, enjoy beautiful fireworks, celebrate a new baby coming into the world, encourage my son in his new sports venture, and watch my daughter compete in a national dance competition.  I’d say that July has been pretty good to this busy mom.

So yes, I’m waving bye bye to yesterday, but it’s with a smile on my face.  I’m happy for what July brought with her and I’m looking forward to welcoming August in tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me!

How was July for you?


Final Friday of June

Today is the final Friday of the month.  I can’t believe that I’m already halfway through my summer vacation.  Although it has flown by, June has brought with it some memories that will last for a lifetime:

Hometown Block Party


Starrz Performing Arts Center at the Pell City Block Party

Swimming with Friends


My oldest perfecting his underwater handstand

Dance Recital


Starrz PAC 2013 Recital – The World Tour

Mission Trips with First United Methodist Church


At the Animal Shelter

Alabama Gulf Coast Vacation

photo 2

Fun in the sun at Gulf Shores’ beautiful beaches

Basketball Camp


Birmingham Southern Middle School Basketball Camp

I have definitely lived up to my blog name this month:  Diva on the Run!  But I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family.  I am so blessed to have a profession that allows me to spend so much time with them.  Right now, I get to run with them.  Soon, I’ll be running after them, longing for these days that we are living now.  For that reason alone, I make it my business to make every moment with them count.

I’m Lovestruck! #6 Beauty Product

I’m lovestruck!  Summer vacation has drawn back its bow and let its arrow go straight through my heart!  I’m loving the less intense schedule that goes along with being on a two-month break from work.  I’m excited about little things like not waking up to the sound of an alarm clock, slowly sipping my coffee while reading the morning paper (yes, I still get the paper newspaper), eating breakfast with my babies, and lying around watching recorded television shows.  I made the children promise to give me at least five days before they began spouting off their demands of places they have to go and people they have to see.  Surprisingly, it’s day 4 and they have, indeed, held up their end of the bargain (although my oldest has already told me that my youngest has already deemed this the “worst summer ever”).

In addition to summer vacation, I’m also in love with Vera Wang’s Lovestruck.  My husband bought this fragrance for me as a Christmas gift two years ago.  I have not stopped wearing it since then!  This is the longest relationship that I’ve ever had with fragrance!  I’m absolutely in love with the delicate, sensual, elegant scent of this perfume.  It’s not overpowering or strong.   It’s perfect for day or night.  To top it all off, Lovestruck comes in a beautiful bottle that I love displaying on my bathroom counter top.

For Men

Last year, I noticed that Vera Wang Unveiled announced a new frangrance:  Lovestruck Floral Rush.  I haven’t been able to break away from the original Lovestruck long enough to give it a try.  I’ve passed by it numerous times at makeup counters and beauty product stores, but I’ve not even compromised my relationship with Lovestruck by sniffing Lovestruck Floral Rush.  I honestly don’t know if Lovestruck Floral Rush can hold a candle to its predecessor.  Maybe one day, I’ll find out.  But until then, I’m committed to Lovestruck.  

What’s your favorite fragrance?

Just shy of summer/#9 product revealed

I’m in a great mood today.  I’m sure that it has a whole lot to do with the fact that there are only two days of school left!  Only two more days until I get to sleep in late (i.e. anything past 5:30 a.m.), read books, have long lunch dates with friends, and travel to fun places.

Everything’s better in the summer right?  Summer food is always good: fresh, sun-kissed fruit, smoky barbecue, juicy fresh-squeezed lemonade, and yummy homemade ice-cream.  (I’m drooling as I type this.)  Summer clothes are cute:  bright, floral-print dresses, flip-flops, and shorts.  (I’m almost jumping up and down with excitement in anticipation of all the fun that is to be had this summer!)  I’m ready to slide into summer and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Now, on to the good stuff.  And when I say “good stuff”, I’m referring to the #9 product that I can’t live without! The product that I’m referring to is one that I bet most of you, especially the moms out there, already have a loving relationship with: Vaseline petroleum jelly. vaseline

This product is amazing.  Growing up, this was one product that was always in our house.  I have continued in the same way because of the great results that Vaseline yields.  Vaseline is in such high demand at my house that all of us have our own personal jar.  Dare not anyone use the other one’s Vaseline–an all-out battle will occur in the house!  It’s so serious that my daughter even has her name written on hers with a permanent marker!  Well, that coupled with the fact that she’s extremely territorial with all of her things.

I use Vaseline as a moisturizer for my legs, feet, lips, elbows, knees, and hands.  I use it to remove stubborn eye makeup.  I use just before home manicures so that it’s easier to clean up the goofs that often occur when I polish my nails.  I could go on and on about the many ways that I use Vaseline.

I’m so excited that Vaseline has launched it’s Spray & Go line!  I can’t wait to try it.  I’m convinced that I’ll be in love.  Just as I am with every other Vaseline product that I’ve tried!

What are your thoughts on this product deemed a “wonder” by Diva on the Run?

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